Narayan - Meditation Music for Unfolding Inner Beauty

by Dev Suroop Kaur

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charisse sainty
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charisse sainty I love this particular version of Narayan, the arrangement is haunting, beautiful and sung with such reverence, deep love for our Sovereign Lord. Narayan reminds me of ancient worlds where mankind sang such glorious praises and spiritual manifestations,a daily event. Thank you. Favorite track: Narayan.
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Narayan – Meditation Music for the Spirit

Reawaken your majesty and excellence in soothing resonance with the song of Narayan—the Immaculate Lord. Just as the real fragrance of a flower is known when it blooms, your spirit & psyche blossom with the repetition of this sacred composition.

This beautiful prayer was composed in the 16th Century by the Sikh Saint Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606)—a Master of purity and self-sacrifice.

“There is no meditation, there is no mantra which can give us so much in such a short time” Yogi Bhajan


released June 15, 2001

Dev Suroop Kaur– vocals, 12-string electric guitar
Kevin Stoller – Accordian, keyboards
Michael King – Fretless bass
Tony Redhouse – Conga, hand percussion

Original melody by Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa
Co-arranged by Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa & Liv Singh Khalsa
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Liv Singh Khalsa

Original Oil Painting “Flamenco Iris 1” by Karen Cole.
Photo of Dev Suroop Kaur by Martine Tremblay
Graphics by Liv Singh Khalsa



all rights reserved


Dev Suroop Kaur Santa Cruz, New Mexico

As a musician, recording artist and Yoga Teacher Trainer, Dev Suroop Kaur strives to break it down, keep it real, and support all to experience their own empowered authenticity. From the deeply contemplative albums Sahej and Narayan, to the hip, edgy beats of her chant-rap album Kundalini Beat, Dev Suroop Kaur offers an wide range of styles to invoke the experience of the Divine Spirit. ... more

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Track Name: Narayan
Naam niranjan neer narayan
Rasanaa simarat paap bilaa-in [1] Pause
Narayan sabh maa-eh nivaas
Narayan ghat ghat pargaas
Narayan kehtay narak na jaa-eh
Narayan sayv sagal fal paa-eh [1]
Narayan man maa-eh adhaar
Narayan bohith sansaar
Narayan keht jam bhaag palaa-in
Narayan dant bhaanay daa-in [2]
Narayan sad sad bakhshind
Narayan keenay sookh anand
Narayan pragat keeno partaap
Narayan sant ko maa-ee baap [3]
Narayan saadh sang narayan
Baarambaar narayan gaa-in
Basat agochar gur mil lehee
Narayan ot naanak daas gehee [4]

Water my heart with the Name of the Immaculate Lord – Narayan.
Chanting Narayan, my faults melt away.
Narayan lives in everyone.
Narayan shines in every heart.
Say Narayan and avoid the pit.
Serve Narayan and receive all the gifts.
Narayan is my mind’s foundation.
Narayan is the boat to cross the stormy world ocean.
Utter Narayan and chase away death.
Narayan breaks the teeth of illusion.
Narayan is the forgiver, the giver of peace & ecstasy.
Narayan shows me my glorious light
Narayan is my mother and father.
Narayan is the company of the devoted singing & singing the praise of Narayan.
Meeting with the Guru comes experience beyond understanding.
Narayan, the treasure and support of Nanak the servant.
Track Name: Wahe Guru Jio Chant
Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
Great beyond description is the Creator’s infinite Wisdom